“Dr.Baran was awesome! I scheduled a house visit for my 4 youngest rats and he was very patient with them. Very affordable, better priced than a visit to another vet. I know who to call if I have issues with any of my other animals in the future! ??”  -Brianna R., Facebook

“We have been using Dr. Baran for our pets care for many years. He is wonderful with the pets, convenient for me as he comes to the house, reasonable pricing and always willing to advise me over the phone if I have a question. Highly recommend.”  -Audrey K., Google

“In 2005, my neighbor told me about his awesome vet, Dr. Baran. What drew me in was that he comes to YOU! I had no idea what prices were back then for MA, but I knew I didn’t want to have to bother with packing my cats up and taking them to the vet.
Since then he’s been my primary vet. He and Tina (she handles the office) will give advice over the phone and only come out if it’s warranted. Dr. Baran doesn’t do anything that’s not necessary, unlike other places who have overhead. He’s very good with my cats and clearly has an affection for animals. But he’s in, he’s out. No waiting! He does charge a fee to come to your house, but I think it’s worth it considering you don’t have to pack animals up (or your kids if you have them) and cart them there *and* he keeps the costs down to what’s necessary. Add to that the free advice when/if you need it and it’s a bonus. I strongly recommend using him. Good luck!”  -Suz N., Yelp

“Dr. Baran is a caring, kind, patient veterinarian and I cannot thank him enough for the care he provided our little girl (feline). We look forward to seeing him again whenever our animals need routine checkups or treatment of any sort. Thank you, and Tina, so very much.”  -Nina0116, Google

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Baran.  He was amazing with my sick cat, and he was so helpful to me at a time that was very difficult for me. His patience, knowledge, understanding and sound advice will not soon be forgotten. From now on, he will be the only vet that I will use.
Thank you, Dr.Baran!!”  -W.C., Yelp

“It was excellent as it always is!!!! Dr. Baran is the best!! And our dog, Grace loves him!”  -Judith B., Google

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“I’m amazed by the level of expertise, care, attention and humanity that Dr Baran has been providing us with. Tina was amazing on the phone when I first called the clinic, and she took the time to really find out what exactly we needed. I’m happy we found Starwood Veterinary Clinic.”  -C. S., Google

“It was very convenient to have Dr. Baran in to deal with my sick “feral” cat, which caused alot less stress all around. His handling technique and experience showed immediately, and he was extremely nice to a very terrified wild cat. I couldn’t be more pleased with your service!”  -Freight F., Google

“Friendly, clean and beautiful”  -Migdalia B., Google

“Dr. Baran and his wife provide exceptional service for my pets. I have used this service for over 20 years.”  -Peri S., Google

“My entire family uses Starwood Veterinary Clinic for our animals. Dr. Baran quickly responds to house calls and follows up even more promptly with any test results. I would recommend Starwood to anyone who owns pets. I have had animals for some 40 years and Starwood is the best!!”  -Michael S., Google

“Dr Baran is amazing. Their prices are EXTREMELY reasonable and he will come to your home. I have two temperamental Siamese cats and they could not be happier with Dr. Baran. He has a wonderful bedside manner with them and they no longer have to get put into a cat carrier and driven to the vet along with other animals and strange smells. A perfect solution! Thank you Dr. Baran!!!”  -Sean F., Google